Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Are your hardwood floors starting to look dull and worn out? Before you run off and grab the first household cleaner you can find, read on to learn more about cleaning hardwood floors.

Did you know you may be actually doing more harm than good to your hardwood floor by using an ordinary cleaner? Properly caring for your wood floor is essential to prolonging their life and keeping them looking great for a longer period of time, but what are the best ways to take care of your hardwood floor?

The number one rule in wood floor cleaning is to never clean a hardwood floor with excessive amounts of water. Many hardwood floors are sealed to protect them from damage and to make them more resistant to stains and moisture. As a result, many believe it is okay to use a wet mop to clean their hardwood floors. However, sealed hardwood floors are still not 100% fully protected from water, so they are still at a risk of getting damaged when exposed to water.  When wood floors absorb moisture, the wood boards begin to warp, expand and eventually, crack.

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