Granite Floors Versus Marble Floors: Which is Better?

Installing natural stone floors in your home can add a distinguished look and character to your home. Marble floors and granite floors are two great options for a beautiful and long lasting stone floor, but there are similarities and differences you should know about before you make your purchase! How do marble floors and granite floors measure up when it comes to stain resistance, durability, care requirements, variety and price?

Stain Resistance, Durability, Care

Marble floors are more porous than granite floors, thus making them more susceptible to staining. Low PH liquids (acids) like orange juice, nail polish remover, vinegar can do serious damage to marble floors – but so can things like household detergents and cleaners that are caustic and have a high pH level. Marble is also much more likely to be damaged by scratches and objects that accidentally fall on your floor. On the other hand, granite floors are far less porous and defend well against stains, scratches and wear.

Because marble floors can stain so easily, you must clean them as quickly as possible after a spill. But you must also remember that your marble floors need regular cleaning as well to remove the dirt and grime from everyday wear. It is critical that you do not use acidic cleaning detergents on your marble floors, as these will eat away your floors and degrade their shine and appearance. The best way to clean your marble floors is using warm water and a pH-neutral cleaning solution. While granite floors are not as susceptible to staining as marble floors, you should still be careful not to use acidic liquids or cleaning supplies on them. For both marble and granite floors, use warm water and a pH-neutral soap like Seventh Generation. For a stronger, but still safe solution, try Simple Green Stone Cleaner.

One of the most basic steps you can take to help prevent against wear and tear on your marble and granite floors is to apply a neutral pH breathable sealer once your floors have been installed. This sealer will need to be reapplied regularly depending upon how much traffic your floors actually see. If you apply this sealant, be sure you consult the package for additional cleaning instructions!

Variety and Price

Granite is a very unique stone, often cut for specific purposes and differing from stone to stone. Due to this variety and uniqueness, there are two major factors that add to the cost of granite: the rarity of color and the stone’s pattern. The heavier weight relative to marble also makes the cost of shipping granite more expensive, and this is also added into the final price. Granite floor tiles can range from $9-25 per square foot, not including installation. Marble is often manufactured in bulk, reducing the costs of cutting and shipping the stone. Marble floors range from $6-20 per square foot, not including installation.

Whether you decide on marble floors or granite floors for your Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC home, the experts at Elegant Floor Service are ready to assist you with your stone floor cleaning and maintenance. Contact Elegant Floor Service today to learn more!

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