Marble Floor Services in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Is your marble floor looking a little dull? Whether you have a marble floor in your Chevy Chase office or your home, marble floor can make a lasting first impression. Your marble floor is not like any other floor—it requires special attention. However, regular, day-to-day household cleaning products won’t get the job done and may actually cause more damage than good to your marble floor.

With proper treatment, your marble floor can look as beautiful as it did the day it was installed. Marble floors should be cleaned on an annual basis by a floor cleaning professional. For over two decades, Elegant Floor Service has been cleaning, stripping, polishing, and sealing marble floors in offices and homes throughout Chevy Chase, MD and surrounding areas. Whether your marble floor has a scratch, stain, or lackluster finish you just want to have cleaned, Elegant Floor Service can help!

For marble for cleaning, polishing, or sealing in Chevy Chase, call Elegant Floor Service or contact us online.

Cleaning and Stripping Marble Floors

Have a stain on your marble floor that you’re convinced will never come out or a scratch you don’t think can ever be fixed? Our stone cleaning professionals use industry leading cleaning equipment that grinds away accumulated dirt and stains. Our cleaning and stripping process will even remove previous applications of waxes and sealers used on your marble’s surface to get your marble floor back to its original look. Also, we can strip your marble floor by cleaning the grout between the marble tiles and taking out any accumulated dirt and grime.

If you are located in Chevy Chase, contact Elegant Floor Service today to get your marble floor in shape and looking like new again!

Polishing Marble Floors in Chevy Chase

Want your marble floor to have that clean and shiny look it had when it was first installed? Elegant Floor Service polishes marble floors using diamond abrasives and polishing compounds to smooth down the surface and to get your marble floor looking smooth in no time. Whether you want a high-sheen or low-sheen polishing coat, Elegant Floor Service can make your marble floor glisten again.

Sealing Marble Floors

Want to keep your marble floor looking great for a longer period of time? Elegant Floor Service seals marble floors with the most durable sealant products on the market to protect your floor from future dirt and spills. Sealers are essential to give your Chevy Chase marble floor a long-lasting life because they prevent the development of future chips and cracks.

Chevy Chase’s Trusted Marble Flooring Expert

Marble floors are stunning additions to any home or building, but can be devalued if they are not properly maintained to give them the look they deserve. Whether you need a one-time marble floor cleaning or a regular maintenance cleaning service, Elegant Floor Service can help you bring your marble floor back to life.

If you are located in Chevy Chase, contact us today to clean your marble floors, and get your marble floor impressing visitors again!

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