Frequently Asked Questions

Wood Floors

How can I clean and maintain my hardwood flooring?

If you’ve installed hardwood flooring, it’s very important that you properly clean and maintain your flooring in order to increase its lifespan. Elegant Floor Services is an expert source on this matter!

Why is moisture bad for my hardwood floors?

Water can get trapped between your floor and subfloor, and this excessive moisture can cause your floor to warp, cup, flake or crack. Additionally, standing water can discolor, dull or damage the wood.

I spilled water on my hardwood floors. What should I do?

If you spilled water on your hardwood floors, it's important to dry up your floors immediately. Click here to learn more!

What types of hardwood floors can I choose from?

Several factors come into play when choosing hardwood flooring in Maryland. Some of these factors include color, species, hardness and price range.

How can I remove scratches from my hardwood flooring?

If you have hardwood flooring, you may have been living with pesky scratches that really prevent your floor from looking its best. Elegant Floor Services can help you fix this problem!

What are the best hardwood floors for kitchens?

Because the kitchen tends to get a lot of use, the best types of kitchen hardwood flooring are durable and long-lasting. Oak and walnut are great choices.

Why does my hardwood floor squeak?

There are several reasons for having a squeaky hardwood floor. Poor construction or installation tend to be the most common causes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Stone Floors

Do I need to use a sealer on my stone flooring?

Stone floors will last a lifetime if you practice proper stone floor care and maintenance. By using a sealer on your stone flooring, you preserve its appearance by making it easier to clean and more resistant to staining.

Does it matter what type of grout I use?

Grout is the substance that fills the gaps between stone tiles. The two basic types of grout are sanded grout and un-sanded grout.

What are some of the natural stones I can choose from?

There are several beautiful natural stone finishes you can choose from, including travertine, marble, granite and slate. Allow Elegant Floor Services to discuss the benefits of each one!

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