Slate Floor Services in Frederick, MD

Elegant Floor Services restores and repairs slate floors in Frederick and its surrounding areas!

Think back to when you first installed slate flooring in your Frederick home or commercial property. Do they now look rough or porous in comparison? Although highly durable and resistant to nearly all stains, slate floors face dirt and grime on a daily basis and are subject to scratching and cracking—especially if they were installed in an area where high amounts of foot traffic can lead to damage.

Without proper, professional restoration and grout repair, the slate floors in your home or office may start to look drab. If you live in Frederick or its surrounding areas, contact Elegant Floor Services for slate floor restoration and grout repair!

How Do We Restore Slate Floors in Frederick?

Slate floors are known for their durability and low-maintenance day-to-day care. However, without proper treatment, over time your slate floors will accumulate a great deal of dirt over that can drastically change how they look today. If you are in Frederick and need help restoring the look of your slate floors, contact Elegant Floor Service!

Elegant Floor Service offers a unique four-step process to restore the lost beauty of your Frederick floors:

  • Slate Floor Cleaning – Although slate floors are stain resistant, they are typically found in entryways, kitchens, and high-trafficked areas, so they are exposed to a dirt, sand, and dust particles fairly often. Our slate cleaning professionals have equipment that will grind away the grime and reveal your slate floor’s original colors.
  • Slate Floor Grout Repair – The grout between your slate floor tiles can accumulate hard-to-clean dirt and grime, gradually changing the color of your slate tiles and flawing the overall look of your floor. If your slate floor’s grout is damaged, scratched, or just plain dirty, call Elegant Floor Service today to replace, repair, and clean your grout to get your floor looking like new again.
  • Slate Floor Polishing – At Elegant Floor Service, we understand you want to keep your slate floor’s natural textured stone look while also keeping it clean and shiny. Whether you want to achieve a high-sheen or low-sheen polished look, we can make your slate floor look and feel exactly how you want it.
  • Slate Floor Sealing – Sealing is essential to prolonging the life of your slate floor. Our durable sealants protect your slate floors from dirt and spills and prevent the development of chips and cracks. By applying our durable sealants, your slate floor will stay cleaner and keep its natural colors for a longer period of time.

A Trusted Flooring Contractor in Frederick

Whether you have a slate floor in your home or office, a restored or refinished slate floor will leave a lasting impression on your visitors. If you are located in Frederick, MD, contact Elegant Floor Service today to schedule an appointment for your slate floor restoration and grout repair. Return your floor to its natural color and look—you won’t believe the difference!

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