Hardwood Floor Sanding in Glen Echo, Maryland

Want to maintain stunning hardwood floors to impress guests in your Glen Echo home? Hardwood floor sanding is a key part of the hardwood floor refinishing process and is critical to maintaining the look and feel of your floors as they age. But in order to be done successfully, your floors need to be sanded as carefully as possible, so you’ll want to consult a professional for best results.

If you need help sanding hardwood floors for your home, you can always count on Elegant Floor Service to get the job done right. Let us help you keep your floors healthy and beautiful for years to come—contact us to schedule wood floor sanding and refinishing in Glen Echo, MD today!

Our Hardwood Floor Sanding Process

Hardwood floor sanding is a critical step in the refinishing process that involves removing the top surfaces of your floors using abrasive materials. Why? It can help eliminate scratches and other marks from your floors, make the flooring look newer, and protect it from future damage all at the same time!

Sanding hardwood floors typically occurs in three key stages:

  1. Preparation. If you have any nails popping out of your floor boards, they will be punched down during this stage—otherwise they can damage the sanding equipment. Staples and tacks are also removed for the same purpose, as well as certain brands or types of adhesives.
  2. Sanding. First, coarse-grit papers are used to remove older coatings and level out your floors so the boards are of even height. Then, larger sanders are used on the grain of the timber and areas that are out of reach are sanded with an edger. If you have holes in your flooring, this is a good time to have them filled. Finally, a belt sander is used inline and a finishing machine creates the final finish.
  3. Coating. Once sanding is complete, the floors are coated with a protective sealant, such as polyurethane or oil.

Though solid wood flooring responds particularly well to this process, some brands of engineered hardwood flooring can also be sanded and refinished—our flooring specialists can help you determine whether this is a good choice for you.

Sanding Hardwood Floors in Glen Echo, MD

Are you ready to get started with wood floor sanding in Glen Echo? You’ve come to the right place! At Elegant Floor Service, we specialize in all aspects of refinishing, including sanding hardwood floors to make them look newer and more beautiful as if those scratches and marks never existed.

So what are you waiting for? Let us restore the shine to your hardwood floors—call us at 800-417-3172 for help sanding hardwood floors today!

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