Marble Floor Polishing in Bethesda, Maryland

With many historic and stately properties throughout Bethesda, marble floors are quite common in our area. Marble flooring gives a home or business an elegant, upscale look. Yet, it doesn’t take long for the shining marble to start looking dull and drab. Like most flooring, marble needs the right maintenance, part of that maintenance needs to include marble floor polishing. If you have marble flooring in your Bethesda home or business, Elegant Floor Service is here to assist you.

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The Benefits of Polishing Your Marble Floors

Marble is a stone, which makes it quite durable as a flooring, but that does not mean maintenance is not important. Marble is a softer stone than other stone flooring options, and its beautiful colors can dull over time. In addition, marble can be scratched and etched through normal use, and that can cause it to use its beautiful shine and luster. All marble, but especially marble used on floors and subject to regular foot traffic, needs to be properly maintained with regular polishing in order to provide a beautiful flooring for many years.

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How Marble Floor Polishing Works

If your marble floors are starting to lose their luster in your Bethesda property, the Elegant Flooring Services team will help with our polishing and sealing process. This process starts with a thorough cleaning of the marble, using specialized equipment to lift dirt and stains as well as previous coats of waxes or sealants used on the floor.

Once the floors have been properly stripped, we will use a special diamond abrasive along with a polishing compound to smooth the surface of the floor This takes away any scratches or etching that are hurting the look of the floor. Soon the floor will be smooth and ready for the final touches.

Elegant Floor Service will then apply a polishing coat, your choice of high-sheen or low-sheen, so your floors will gleam. We then seal the flooring with the industry’s most durable sealant product, protecting the marble from future damage and helping the polishing to last longer.

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