Solid Wood Flooring in McLean, VA

Are you thinking about installing new hardwood floors in your home? One of the first decisions you should make is whether you want engineered or solid wood flooring. Fortunately, the experts at Elegant Floor Service are here to help. Depending on where you want your new floors installed, what kind of subfloor you have, and your requirements for style and budget, we’ll help you make the best decision for your space and expertly install your new hardwood floors for you so you can begin experiencing the benefits as soon as possible.

Not only do we provide a large selection of flooring species and styles, but we also offer competitive pricing on solid wood flooring for residential, commercial, and government markets in McLean. Just schedule a consultation for help determining if solid wood flooring is right for your or call us to begin your installation project today!

What Is Solid Wood Flooring?

Solid wood flooring differs from engineered hardwood flooring in that it’s built with single slabs of wood, rather than multiple thin layers. Typically 3/4’’ thick, solid wood flooring is appealing because it can be sanded and refinished more than engineered options, extending the life of your hardwood floors.

However, it’s also important to note that because it consists of a single slab of wood, solid wood flooring will expand and contract when the humidity changes in your home. This can make your floor more likely to shrink, expand, or warp. For this reason, it’s important to leave expansion gaps when you install new solid wood floors in your McLean area home.

The Benefits of Solid Wood Flooring

Before you make a decision, consider what solid wood flooring has to offer:

  • Because it can be sanded and refinished multiple times, solid hardwood flooring tends to be a long-term investment.
  • This type of hardwood flooring is available in prefinished and unfinished options, allowing you to choose between various plank widths and thicknesses.
  • Easy and fast installation options are available if you choose prefinished options.
  • Solid wood flooring is thick and strong so it’s able to withstand foot traffic.
  • This type of flooring is available in a wide variety of species and styles from oak to maple and more.
  • Solid hardwood flooring can increase the value of your home.
  • And more!

At the same time, engineered hardwood flooring provides many benefits that solid wood flooring does not. Solid hardwood options, for example, cannot be installed on top of a concrete subfloor, which is important to consider primarily for basements, sunken living rooms, or other below grade rooms.

Installing Solid Wood Flooring in McLean

Are you ready to give your home a facelift with solid wood flooring in McLean, VA? You’ve come to the right place! Not only will we help you choose the best type of solid hardwood flooring to install in your space, but we provide a minimally invasive hardwood floor installation service so you won’t have to worry about our crews getting in your way. Many of our first-time wood floor installation customers become life-long wood floor clients—call today for solid wood flooring in McLean, VA and find out why!

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