Hardwood Stair Repair

Do you wake up your entire family when you walk down your creaky wood stairs in the morning? Are you embarrassed by scratches from shoes or pets on your wood stairs? If you’re ready to repair your old, creaky and scratched wood stairs, call Elegant Floor Service for our stair repair services! We’ll repair, refinish or replace your wood stairs to make them look brand new! Don’t put up with your unsightly stairs for another day – call us now!

When to Have Stair Repair

While you might concentrate on your kitchen floors, you probably pay little attention to your stairs. Or maybe you notice all the problems with your stairs, and you’ve tried to cover them up with carpeting or a runner. But it’s time to take a look at your stairs and decide if stair repair would be beneficial for your home. If your stairs are any of the following, you need stair repair:

  • Broken
  • Creaky
  • Discolored
  • Mismatching
  • Splintering
  • Stained
  • Worn-down

Don’t let some stains and scratches stop you from showing off your beautiful wood stairs; take advantage of professional repair and make your stairs the best they can be for your home!

Stair Repair Services

So how can stair repair beautify your home? Stair repair from Elegant Floor Service will completely transform your wood stairs! We can:

  • Make the stain on your stairs match the rest of your home
  • Refinish your wood stairs so they look brand new
  • Remove unsightly stains
  • Repair or replace cracked stair treads
  • Replace broken or creaky boards
  • Sand your wood stairs to make them smooth again
  • Your stairs will be picture-perfect after stair repair from Elegant Floor Service!

Benefits of Stair Repair

Why bother having stair repair? You might think stair repair is all about aesthetics, but this isn’t completely true! While stair repair will make your home look great, there are other benefits as well. If your wood stairs are starting to splinter, having them repaired will prevent injury. If you plan to sell your home in the future, beautiful wood stairs will be a major selling point to buyers. Many buyers look for wood floors, so having wood stairs will put your home in front of others on the market! Add value, beauty and safety to your home with stair repair!

Stair Repair from Elegant Floor Service

You want your house to be perfect, so you spend time choosing everything from the right bedding to the best handles for your dresser. Your stairs should be given just as much attention! At Elegant Floor Service, we will treat your stairs with the greatest care. All of our employees are extensively trained and we never use sub-contractors. We’ve been meeting the stair repair needs of customers in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area since 1987 – so you can trust your wood stairs to our expertise! Contact our wood stair repair experts today!

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