Stone Floor Restoration in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

Stone is one of the most impressive types of flooring you can have in your home or business. It is durable and brings a timeless look to your property. Yet, it does require proper maintenance to look its best year after year. Over time, without the proper care, the luster and shine of your stone floor tiles can wear off, leading to a floor that looks dull, worn, and stained.

Elegant Floor Services provides stone floor restoration that will bring your tile back to its elegant former state, allowing you to enjoy many more years out of your beautiful floors. Whether you have granite, marble, slate, or some other stone floor, we have the expertise to restore it to its former glory.

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Why Consider Stone Floor Restoration Services?

No matter how durable the stone is that you have in your home or business, it is subject to quite a bit of wear and tear due to the fact that it is a floor. Over time, you may notice:

  • Visible traffic patterns as the surfaces become worn down.
  • Scratches caused by the grit your shoes bring into your home.
  • Dulling of the shine on the surface of the floor.
  • Stains from spills and grit tracked into the home.
  • Cracks from damage or unstable sub-flooring.

If you are starting to notice any of these problems, the best course of action is to call a stone restoration professional. Elegant Floor Services has been serving the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas since 1987, and our professionals can restore the look of your floor again.

How Stone Floor Restoration Works

When you call Elegant Floor Services for help with your floors, our team will analyze your floor and its needs to create a plan for restoration. For most floors, restoration is a three-step process. First, our team will grind the stones surface to level the stone, remove stains, and ensure there is no lip between one tile and the next. Grinding the surface of the stone will even the tile and grout levels as well.

Once the floor is leveled and ground, we will use abrasives to hone it to a smooth finish. Some floors require just honing and no grinding, and our team will determine what is best for your floor. Honing will attend to scratches and surface dirt.

Once the surface has been properly prepared, the final step in stone restoration is polishing. Polishing using fine abrasive powders or an abrasive disc will give the floor back its shine.

Are you ready to give your stone floors new life? Trust the experts at Elegant Floor Services to make that happen!

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