Terrazzo Floor Refinishing in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

Many Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia property owners, especially those who manage and maintain commercial properties, choose terrazzo flooring because of its beauty and its durability. Because it is made from glass and marble chips inlaid into an aggregate, terrazzo flooring is designed to stand up under years of wear and tear.

Yet in spite of its durability, terrazzo flooring is not designed to last forever. If yours is starting to show signs of wear and tear, Elegant Floor Services is here to assist with terrazzo floor refinishing services in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia. With our experienced team, your dingy and dull floors can take on a like-new shine once again!

If your terrazzo floors are showing signs of wear, call us at 800-417-3172 or contact us online today for a free estimate for our refinishing services!

Terrazzo Floor Refinishing Techniques Save Time & Money

If you’ve been neglecting your terrazzo floors because of horror stories you heard about the demands of refinishing, Elegant Floor Services wants you to know that today’s techniques make it easier than ever to make these floors shine again. Our team will come to your home or business and use diamond infused polishing pads and specially designed marble polishing powders to buff away the worn top layer of the floor, exposing the beautiful marble and glass below. This is a fast and cost-effective way to quickly restore the look of your flooring.

Today’s refinishing techniques require no polish or wax to achieve a brilliant shine. Instead, our team will buff and polish the stone to the desired finish, continually grinding and polishing until the floors look exactly how you want them to. We will also address repairs as needed, so the end result is a floor that gleams as if it was new.

Benefits of Terrazzo Floor Refinishing

Why should you consider Elegant Floor Services for your terrazzo floor refinishing needs? Some of the benefits of terrazzo refinishing include:

  • Less cost than replacement or installation of a new floor.
  • Easy patchwork to reduce traffic wear or staining
  • Minimal maintenance from diamond polished terrazzo
  • New, gleaming look to your floors after refinishing
  • Fast refinishing service for minimal disruption of your day

Schedule Terrazzo Floor Refinishing in MD, VA & DC

Whether in a home, office, museum, library or train station, terrazzo floors are distinctive and beautiful. If your Maryland, Washington, DC, or Virginia property has terrazzo floors that need a little TLC, refinishing services from Elegant Floor Services are the answer. Schedule your terrazzo floor refinishing appointment today so your floors can look as good as new!

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