Hardwood Floor Repair in Kensington, Maryland

Weather conditions in the Kensington, MD area can be pretty drastic. When rain, sleet, and snow are combined with a high amount of foot traffic on your hardwood floors, their once beautiful look can be lost. Normal wear and tear from pets and children may also contribute to the undesired appearance of your wood floors. When this happens, contact the flooring experts at Elegant Floor Service for hardwood floor maintenance and refinishing.

Wood Floor Refinishing

We provide expert hardwood floor refinishing in Kensington, including sanding, staining and top coats. To remove surface scratches and marks, we sand the wood floors. Then we vacuum and carefully wipe the wood floor down. Staining comes next—you choose the color you want! Several coats are used, and the top coat seals and protects the flooring.

Elegant Floor Service goes above and beyond to protect your home during the refinishing process. We move your furniture to a safe, secure area and block off the neighboring rooms to prevent dust from spreading and coating your belongings. If a piece of art on the wall or another piece of furniture can’t be moved, not a problem! We wrap them up to protect them from dust and sand and other debris.

We also offer hardwood floor finishes that are environmentally safe and nearly odorless, so you won’t have to breathe in strong fumes or feel the need to go outside while we are refinishing your wood flooring.

Wood Floor Maintenance Tips

Spills – try the best you can to prevent them. But with three kids and the dog running around, that may understandably be impossible! Fortunately, spills aren’t the end of the world; just wipe them up as soon as possible, and keep the floor as dry as possible. Moisture is not your friend when it comes to hardwood floor maintenance.

Mats & Rugs – these are your friends! Mats and rugs are ideal to use in areas where a lot of people walk because they will make your wood floors not only cleaner but more durable. In high-traffic areas (the den/TV room), the wood can wear down pretty easily and leave noticeable marks.

Pets – remember that the dog’s nails can scratch the floors, so keep them trimmed. High heels can also scratch up your floors, so consider leaving them by the door when you come home from work. It’s also a good idea to put protectors on furniture legs.

If you’re cleaning your hardwoods yourself, AVOID:

  • Wet mops—this may be your first instinct when the kids have tracked mud and grass through the foyer, but remember, moisture is not good when it comes to wood flooring.
  • Ammonia, dust cleaners or other floor cleaners on the floor—use a professional wood floor cleaning supplies provided by your flooring company. Also, do not use wax on a urethane finished floor!

Schedule Wood Floor Maintenance in Kensington, MD from Elegant Floor Service

Elegant Floor Service knows just what your wood floors need to restore their original beauty and elegance. We have serviced Kensington and the surrounding areas since 1987, providing top-notch wood floor maintenance and refinishing. Contact Elegant Floor Service today to receive your FREE estimate!

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