Hardwood Floor Replacement in Germantown, MD

Are your wood floors starting to get up there in age, with the damage to show it? Do you want to switch up the style for a fresh look? Hardwood floors can take a lot of abuse over time, especially in high-traffic areas, resulting in a worn-down appearance that’s dull, warped, chipped, or even stained. If that sounds familiar to you, give Elegant Floor Service a call today to learn more about our hardwood floor replacement service in Germantown, MD at 800-417-3172!

Is It Time for a Wood Floor Replacement?

When your hardwood floors start getting older and looking dull or damaged, it’s likely time to consider whether refinishing is all you need to revive your flooring, or a repair or replacement is the better choice. We recommend a wood floor replacement for your Germantown area home if:

  • You have older floors that have already been refinished multiple times.
  • You want to switch up the wood species or plank styles for a different look.
  • Your floors have extensive damage that likely can’t be completely repaired (or that you’ll probably want to replace later anyway).
  • You’re on a deadline—installing new wood floors is actually faster than refinishing older ones!

Still not sure if a hardwood floor replacement is right for you? The experts at Elegant Floor Service can come to your home to evaluate the condition of your current flooring and provide you with the most cost effective, long lasting solution to meet your needs. If you already know a hardwood floor replacement is your best choice, just call us now and we’ll get your project scheduled out at your convenience.

Our Germantown Wood Floor Replacement Service

If you think a wood floor replacement may be right for you, Elegant Floor Service is the contractor to turn to in the Germantown, MD area. Our wood floor specialists are fully trained and experienced to provide you the guidance you need to make well informed decisions, and you can rest assured we handle each hardwood floor replacement job with care, leaving minimal disruption to your home.

We offer a wide range of high quality materials to meet every need in Germantown, MD. We can walk you through our product selection in greater detail during your consultation, but here’s a sample to get you started:

It’s also important to decide if you want:

A Pre-finished or Unfinished Hardwood Floor Replacement

Pre-finished hardwood floors are low-maintenance, require no sanding or staining, and can be refinished multiple times. They also tend to have lower installation costs, leave minimal odors, and are extremely durable, making them the perfect choice for high traffic areas.

Unfinished hardwood floors are better for those looking to replace flooring throughout the entire house. They offer a more consistent, even color and finish, making it easier to find a stain that matches, but require more extensive ongoing maintenance to retain their look.

A Solid or Engineered Hardwood Floor Replacement

Solid hardwood floors consist of single slabs of wood and can be refinished multiple times. However, they tend to expand and contract with changes in moisture or humidity, and cannot be installed over concrete subfloor.

Engineered hardwood floors are bonded together using heat and pressure and are resistant to warping, making them the longer lasting product. Additionally, they can also be installed over any type of subfloor, including the basement.

Schedule Your Wood Floor Replacement in Germantown, MD Today

Give your home a newer, more beautiful look when you choose us for your hardwood floor replacement project in Germantown, MD. Call us now at 800-417-3172 to get your estimate. We look forward to becoming your preferred choice for all your wood flooring needs!

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