Wood Flooring for Kitchens

If your kitchen floors look dull, it might be time for an update! Elegant Floor Service provides expert hardwood floor installation, repair, and refinishing, with your choice of woods, colors, and grades. If you’re looking to install new hardwood floors in your kitchen, know that not all hardwood floors are appropriate for a kitchen setting. Contact us today or keep reading to find the best wood flooring for kitchens.  

The Best Type of Hardwood Floors for Kitchens

Your kitchen is one of the rooms you spend the most time in, so flooring for this room is something you should put a lot of thought into. When installing wood floors in your kitchen, think about the traffic the room receives, as well as other environmental factors. Your kitchen’s temperature changes more often than in any other room in the house (except maybe the bathroom), so engineered wood flooring is ideal.

Engineered wood flooring is made up of wood pieces that each consist of three to 12 thin layers of wood. Each wood layer is placed in a different direction and is bonded together using heat and pressure to create a very strong and durable piece of wood, preventing the wood floor from warping in high moisture and high humidity environments. In contrast, solid wood flooring consists of single slabs of wood—making it more likely to shrink, expand, and warp.

Since many people walk in (and through) the kitchen, it’s best to choose hardwood species for your kitchen. These include:

  • Ash hardwood flooring
  • Walnut hardwood flooring
  • Cherry hardwood flooring
  • Oak hardwood flooring
  • Poplar hardwood flooring
  • Mahogany hardwood flooring

Alternatively, softwoods like fir, pine, and cedar are not ideal for kitchens. Also keep in mind that darker woods, such as mahogany and walnut, will more quickly show wear in the floor due to traffic. So if you’re interested in the perfect kitchen wood floor, a lighter hardwood (engineered) such as ash or oak is perfect!

Schedule Kitchen Wood Floor Installation in Maryland, Virginia, and DC

Whether you’re installing wood flooring in your kitchen or in every room, the experts at Elegant Floor Service can help you determine which type of wood flooring works best for you. Call us at 800-417-3172 today for wood flooring installation in your kitchen in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Virginia!

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