Concrete Floor Restoration in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

Whether you have a concrete floor because of its durability or because you like the look, sometimes you are going to need restoration services for that floor. Elegant Floor Services provides these services to Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., property owners with concrete floor restoration services that will smooth and polish your floor so it looks its best. With a comprehensive list of concrete floor restoration services, we can handle whatever your floor needs.

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Why Restore Concrete Floors?

Concrete floors are typically chosen because of the need for affordable, yet durable flooring, so why should you focus on restoration? Even if your floors are in a work facility where aesthetics are not important, you need floors that are in good repair. Not only does a restored floor make your place look better, but it also helps protect your employees and clients by providing an even walking surface.

Our Concrete Floor Restoration Process

At Elegant Floor Services, when you contact us for concrete floor restoration, we will put our many years of experience to work to come up with a custom solution that will meet the exact needs of your floor. The steps we take will vary depending on the level of damage on your floors, but you can expect us to use some of the following techniques:

  • Thoroughly cleaning the surface, including the removal of coatings
  • Repairing joints and cracks
  • Grinding the top to reveal a new, more attractive surface
  • Adding density to porous surfaces
  • Enhancing the look of the floor with dye designed specifically for concrete.
  • Polishing the top or installing a new surface coating
  • Finishing the job with an easy-to-clean topcoat sealant.

When our team is done, you will enjoy gleaming floors that are more than just a walking surface, but are also an asset to your facility.

Proper Concrete Floor Maintenance

Unfortunately, when it comes to cleaning and maintaining concrete floors, a number of misconceptions exist. For example, many boiling owners assume their maintenance staff knows how to properly clean this flooring, but this is often not the case. Also, many people assume concrete requires no maintenance, and will last a long time if it is completely ignored. This is also untrue.

Schedule Concrete Floor Restoration in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC!

The Elegant Flooring Services team is here to help you keep your floors in good, working order through proper maintenance. Let our team assess the type of flooring you have, then provide maintenance suggestions that will help keep that flooring looking and functioning at its best.

Whether your floors are in need of restoration or you simply want advice on how to keep your concrete floors in good repair, the Elegant Floor Services team is here for you. Contact us today at 800-417-3172, or contact us online to get a quote for the services you require.

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