Slate Flooring in Washington Metropolitan Area

While slate floors may be less common than hardwood floors, they can beautifully accent a room and add that perfect finishing touch – when you keep them looking beautiful and brand new! Elegant Floor Service offers many slate floor services in Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC! Whether you want your slate floor cleaned, polished or sealed, we can help.

Slate Floor Appearance – a slate floor can be visually stunning and add a distinct, unique look to any room.  They come in a variety of colors.  Gray and black are very popular, but you don’t have to stick with these common colors.  Why not beige, brown or a shade of yellow?  The tones tend to be earthy – all the better for a rustic look, where slate tiles are typical.
With a slate floor, you have options with your design as well.  It is not like a wood floor.  Slate tiles aren’t all identical, so you have the opportunity to create an original, striking design.  The sky is the limit when considering a slate floor!

Slate Floor Maintenance – not only are slate floors beautiful, but they are also easy to maintain.  Unlike a hardwood floor that can become damaged from water, slate tiles are waterproof and can better handle heavy traffic.  This is why slate tiles are found in many kitchens, bathrooms and front halls.  Slate tiles also make a great patio!
Elegant Floor Service offers professional cleaning to restore your slate floor to its original beauty when it was first installed.  But don’t hesitate to clean your slate floor with a broom, vacuum and/or a damp mop – all are perfectly Ok.  Just make sure you avoid acidic cleaning products.

Other benefits – slate tires are extremely durable and stain-resistant!  Spill a glass of milk time and time again?  Slate tiles will hold up well.  Consistently track in mud and grass from outside?  You can count on your slate floor to last!

A slate floor also tends to be naturally slip-resistant, which is especially great when you’re having the grandparents over for dinner!  Keep in mind that after installation, you should have your slate floor sealed so it doesn’t become slippery due to water accumulation; this is particularly true in damp areas such as the bathroom.

Remember – although slate tiles are durable, they can still loosen over time.  Portland cement securely holds the tiles to the sub-floor, allowing your floor to handle heavy loads.  As time goes on though, and that piano in the corner continues to sit on the slate tiles, the tiles can become looser and wobbly.  It’s something to keep in mind when considering a slate floor for your home.  Slate tiles are gorgeous – instead of placing heavy objects or big pieces of furniture on them, show them off!

A slate floor in your home – whether it’s in the bathroom, basement or kitchen – is great in so many ways!  In addition to the beauty and unique appearance it can add to a room, its versatility and durability make it very appealing.  If you want to professionally clean your existing slate floor, call Elegant Floor Service today!

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