Stone Flooring Services in Washington Metropolitan Area

Providing Stone Floor Sealant, Polish, Repair & Stripping

Natural stone, marble, or terrazzo floors are a beautiful accent to any home or office. To keep these surfaces looking their best, it’s important to have them regularly maintained by a professional. While most homeowners know it’s a good idea to periodically refinish their hardwood floors, many people don’t realize the need to similarly maintain their stone floors and countertops. When floors dulled by dirt and scratches are cleaned, polished, and restored, the transformation is sure to be stunning!

Could your stone floors use some TLC? Contact Elegant Floor Services today to learn more about our restoration process.

Natural Stone & Marble Services in the DMV Area

To provide each customer with a the stone floor restoration that they need, we conveniently offer a wide range of services including:

  • Stripping and cleaning stone floors – including hand brushing of grout lines
  • Grout repair and touch-up – replace dirty or stained grout for a fresh look
  • Restoration (grinding) –  restore stone and terrazzo floors to their original finish
  • Polishing stone floors – one of the best maintenance practices for marble flooring
  • Sealing stone floors – using the most durable sealers available

Stone Floor Cleaning & Stripping

Tile and stone floor stripping works by peeling away the worn top surface to reveal a pristine, fresh layer beneath. Our clean, grind and polish process uses diamond abrasives and polishing compounds to restore a brilliant luster to marble, terrazzo and other surfaces. Grout lines are then thoroughly cleaned using appropriate cleaning agents and brushes. When the cleaning and stripping is complete, we use the most durable sealants to protect your stone floor against spills and grime.

Elegant Floor Service has experience providing stone floor restoration for a variety of commercial, government, and residential customers. No matter your stone floor needs, you can rely on our team to get the job done right.

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Professional Stone Floor Polish near DC

Could your stone floors or countertops use a facelift? With our experienced staff and high performing equipment, you can count on Elegant Floor Services to make your stone floors look as good as new! Polishing helps restore shine, remove stains, and repair grout.

If your home or commercial property could benefit from a professional stone floor polish, please give us a call today at 800-417-3172.

Natural Stone Restoration Service

Our stone restoration service can improve the appearance of many different types of flooring including:

Stone Floor Restoration in MD, VA & DC

Since 1987, Elegant Floor Service has provided stone and marble floor services to residential, commercial, and government clients in the Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia area. From restoration to maintenance projects, we can do it all. When you need flooring repair, cleaning, stripping, or polishing, don’t hesitate to call us at 800-417-3172 or leave us a message online!

Do I Need To Use Sealer On My Stone Flooring?

Stone floors will last a lifetime if you practice proper stone floor care and maintenance. By using a sealer on your stone flooring, you preserve its appearance by making it easier to clean and more resistant to staining.

Outdoor stone surfaces, which are exposed to sunlight, unpredictable weather and dirt, especially require the use of a sealer to prevent dulling and stains. The same goes for high traffic areas and areas that are exposed to water inside like your kitchen and your bathroom.

Types of Stone Floor Sealers

A topical sealer goes on the surface of your stone floor. It can also be called a coating sealer or surface sealer. An impregnating sealer goes inside the surface of your stone floor. It can also be called a penetrating sealer of a sub-surface sealer.

Additionally, sealers come in water-based, oil-based, solvent-based and lacquer-based formulas. The type of stone floor you have will influence the type of sealer you should use. This is because some stones are more porous than others.

How often should I seal my stone floors?

For high traffic areas or areas that are frequently exposed to water (kitchens and bathrooms), we recommend having your floors sealed at least once a year to keep them protected and looking their best. Seal less exposed floors every two to five years.

If you’re planning on installing stone floors, you should seal the floors as soon as they are installed. If you have existing stone floors and wish to protect them with a sealer, make sure you clean the surface well before you seal it.

At Elegant Floor Service, we offer stone floor sealing services, in addition to cleaning, stripping, polishing and installation. Please contact us today if you’re interested in sealing or installing stone flooring in Bethesda, MD or nearby areas.

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