Granite Floor Cleaning Made Easy

Has the granite flooring in your Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia home become dull and dirty from years of use? Cleaning your granite can rejuvenate your floors and make a big difference in the overall appearance of your home. Granite floor cleaning will keep your home beautiful for years to come!

Daily Granite Floor Cleaning

Use the most effective tools

In between professional cleanings, you should maintain your granite floors daily. A daily cleaning can be quick and easy! You probably have some of the tools around the house already:

•    Dust mop
•    Microfiber cloth
•    Vacuum – with brush turned off
•    Neutral pH granite cleaner

A light mop or a quick vacuum will prevent your granite floors from getting scratched and damaged by dust and debris build-up. It is very important to maintain your granite floors between professional cleanings to maximize their life span. The cleaner you keep your granite flooring, the longer it will last for you to enjoy!

Keep the dirt where it belongs – outside!

There are also ways to avoid getting your floors dirty altogether. This way, granite floor cleaning will be easier for you as a homeowner.

•    Don’t wear shoes on your granite floors
•    Use rugs and mats to cover the granite

By banning shoes, dirt and debris won’t come in from the outside. But if it ever does (or if the first option is inconvenient for you), it will be trapped in the rugs and never damage your granite floors.

Professional Granite Floor Cleaning

If you want your granite floors to last, it is also important to have a professional come to your house for regularly scheduled granite floor cleanings. This will maximize the life of your granite flooring and ensure you get the most out of your floors for years to come!

Professional Granite Floor Cleaning

Not everyone is an expert in granite flooring, so it is wise to bring in someone experienced to evaluate the needs of your granite flooring.  During a scheduled granite cleaning, a professional can check for other issues such as cracks in the grout and sealant decay – both of which can cause major problems for your granite flooring. Elegant Floor Service can look for all of these issues during a professional granite floor cleaning of your home.

The Cleaning Process

At Elegant Floor Service, granite floor cleaning encompasses much more than a simple washing of your floors. We restore, maintain and protect your granite floors, and we offer a variety of services to help with your granite floor maintenance:

•    Repair cracks in grout
•    Restore original finish
•    Polish for shine
•    Seal to prevent water damage

Elegant Floor Service in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia can make your granite floor cleaning simple and effective. We’ll help make your home shine with the best-kept granite floors around. Learn more about Elegant Floor Service’s granite floor cleaning services or call us today to schedule an appointment to make your granite floors look like new again!

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