Custom Hardwood Flooring

Inlays, Medallions, Borders & Designs


Hardwood floors can beautifully accentuate any style of home, but if you want an even more unique and sophisticated look, consider custom hardwood flooring with a distinctive design!  Elegant Floor Service has been installing and refinishing hardwood floors in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area for more than 20 years and can install hardwood floor inlays, medallions and borders to make your floors truly unique and beautiful!

Wood Floor Designs & Customization

No matter what you want your custom hardwood flooring to look like, we can help.  When it comes to custom wood floors and wood floor designs, your options are numerous, but there are some basics that are helpful when considering custom hardwood flooring for your home or office.

Parquet flooring – this type of flooring is used to create a particular pattern and adds an artistic flair to the room.  Parquet flooring relies on angular lines and shapes rather than curved shapes and the look is very distinct.

Stenciled hardwood floor inlay – in this process, stencil is laid on the floor and stained (either darker or lighter).  What remains is a unique pattern that nicely contrasts the wood flooring.

Inlaid flooring – inlaid flooring features an artistic design that is set right into the surface.  Most wood inlaid floors have unique patterns made from different types of wood that perfectly contrast the primary wood floor.  This type of custom hardwood flooring is particularly popular in older, historic buildings.

Nothing customizes your wood floor quite like stenciled inlays, medallions and borders!  Whether you opt for parquet flooring or inlaid flooring, your room will look absolutely stunning with floors that offer dramatic visual interest.

Wood Flooring Medallions, Inlays & Borders

Elegant Floor Service can include custom wood floor medallions, borders and inlays for those who want a little something special for their hardwood floors.  The wood floor medallions we install are laser cut for high accuracy and detail, and they can be installed in an entranceway or stair landing or they can be used in hardwood floor borders, custom perimeters that are often used in a particular room or around kitchen islands.

Hardwood floor inlays (two or more different species of wood flooring that create an artistic pattern and are laid into the floor) are similar to medallions.  They add distinct character to both residential and commercial flooring and are often used as borders, accents and in combination to create a customized design.

Whether your home is historic or newer and modern, custom hardwood flooring provides a unique sense of style that is sure to impress!  Wood floor medallions, inlays and borders are wonderful ways of adding a customized design to your home.  If you live in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Northern Virginia area and are interested in installing custom hardwood flooring in your home, contact the experts at Elegant Floor Service today!


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