Wood Flooring Cost

When you’re choosing wood flooring for your home, cost tends to be an important factor. Of course, you have to weigh the initial installation price against other factors—like how long your floors will last and how much ongoing maintenance will cost in the future. This differs depending on what type of wood you choose, whether it’s engineered or solid, and whether it’s unfinished or finished. It’s also important to consider how much value your floors are adding to your home; they may be expensive to install, but worthwhile depending on their potential overall value.

We’ve broken down the average wood flooring cost below, taking these factors into account, to help you make an informed decision.

Cost of Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are often somewhat expensive, though this can vary somewhat depending on the grains, styles, and finishes you choose, among other things. But because they tend to be durable, long-lasting, and create an elegant, refined look, they’re a worthwhile investment.

The cost of hardwood flooring is determined based on:

  • The cost of the wood per square foot
  • The costs of labor
  • The cost of materials and delivery

With these prices combined, your wood flooring cost can range from $7.97 to $9.91 per square foot. Keep in mind that this is an average figure—it can cost up to $16 dollars or as little as $6, depending on the flooring company you choose. It’s also important to note that this does not usually include a contractor fee or sales tax, but it does include expenses for cleanup and site preparation.

Be sure to ask your local flooring company for more specific details concerning the cost of hardwood flooring for your home and any wood floor specials they may have.

Is the Cost of Hardwood Flooring Worth It?

So your wood flooring cost can range anywhere from $6 to $16, depending on the quality of the product you use and the quality of the work your flooring company does. But what does that number really mean? Is the cost of hardwood flooring worth it?

The answer is yes! Of course, this depends on your tastes, budget requirements, and the price of the wood you choose, among other things. Overall, there are many benefits to hardwood flooring, including:

  • Its durability
  • Its range of styles, woods, colors, and finishes
  • Its engineered and solid options
  • Its aesthetic appeal
  • Its ability to add value to your home

If you need more information on the cost of hardwood flooring in the Maryland area, contact Elegant Floor Service for a consultation—and be on your way to having the beautiful, long-lasting floors you deserve!

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