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What Are The Best Hardwood Floors For Kitchens?

When you’re installing kitchen hardwood flooring, it’s important to compare different types of wood floors to make sure you get the best fit for your needs. Some important things to consider when making your decision include:

  • How many people regularly use your kitchen
  • Your primary uses for this space (cooking for two, family dinners, catered parties, etc.)
  • The temperature and humidity levels in the room

Because the kitchen is usually a high traffic area with fluctuating temperatures, it’s typically best to choose engineered hardwood floors that are built to be durable and long-lasting. Taking the factors above into account, you may want to think about installing one of the following species:

Of course, if you need help selecting the best hardwood floors for kitchens, we can help you make your decision and properly install your new floors for you. Contact us today if you live in DC, MD, or VA.

Replacing Wood Floor Planks in Washington Metropolitan Area

Have you noticed significant damage forming in your hardwood floors? If small slits on the surface have turned into large cracks, it’s likely that you’ll need to replace the planks in order to salvage your flooring. At Elegant Floor Service, replacing wood floor planks for homes in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia is our specialty. Give us a call today or fill out an online contact form for a FREE, no-hassle estimate and let us help you restore beauty to your floors!

When to Replace Wood Floor Planks

Hardwood floor refinishing can often be the solution for damaged wood floors. But if you have significant cracking in the wood, replacing wood floor planks may be necessary to effectively restore your flooring. This is typically the best course of action specifically when certain floor boards or parts of the flooring have sustained very deep scratches, often from moving furniture or appliances.

Should you have even more significant damage that impacts the entire room, such as warped floors formed from excess moisture, an entire hardwood floor replacement may be needed.

Why Choose Elegant Floor Service to Replace Wood Floor Planks in MD, DC, or VA?

While replacing wood floor planks is something you might be able to do on your own, we don’t recommend it as a do-it-yourself project. Carefully removing the existing planks and replacing them with new ones is essential to ensuring the new planks blend seamlessly with the rest of the existing flooring. To do so can be quite time consuming, and requires use of certain equipment best handled by a professional. If done incorrectly, the results can be far less than beautiful.

Why take a chance on a do-it-yourself project when you can have a professional do it for you? When you choose Elegant Floor Service to replace wood floor planks in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Virginia, you can be confident in the quality of the finished product. Our hardwood flooring clients benefit from our:

  • Years of experience – we’ve been replacing wood floor planks throughout the DMV since we were established in 1987!
  • Knowledgeable sales team –the team at Elegant Floor Service is well versed and highly trained in all aspects of hardwood floor repair, including fixing and replacing broken planks. If your entire flooring is damaged we can even bring samples straight to your home to help you find the perfect fit for a replacement.
  • Customer-centered business – we strive to provide prompt and professional service, and our flooring specialists always clean up after themselves when they’re done, leaving minimal disruption to your home.

To have your damage checked out or to learn more about replacing wood floor planks in the DC metro area, contact Elegant Floor Service today!

What Are Some of The Natural Stones I Can Choose From?

If you’ve chosen to install classy, elegant stone flooring in Silver Spring, MD or a nearby area, it’s important to know the selection of natural stones available. The basic types of natural stone floors are travertine, marble, granite and slate. Let’s take a brief look at each of these flooring options.


Travertine stone flooring  is a popular choice among many homeowners. This is a type of limestone that features warm and natural hues that can complement any type of décor and add a real touch of class to any space. Travertine stone flooring can make a space feel larger, yet more welcoming and inviting.


Marble flooring has become increasingly popular over the last decade. Aside from its undeniable beauty, marble offers several excellent benefits to homeowners. Marble stone flooring can add an aura of richness and class to any room. Additionally, marble is an all-natural stone product. As a biodegradable material, marble is a favorite flooring choice among environmentally-conscious homeowners. When sealed, marble is bacteria, allergen and moisture resistant. Marble is also hard, durable and long-lasting.


Granite stone flooring has also become very popular over the last decade. This flooring option is known for its high-end beauty and ability to complement any type of décor. Granite flooring is resistant to corrosion, scratches and heat. It is also one of the hardest materials on Earth, making it more durable than virtually any other flooring option. You’ll also be happy to know that granite floors are extremely easy to clean and maintain.


Slate stone flooring is known for its beauty and versatility. Unlike most other stone floors, slate floors are very smooth, and come in a variety of hues, including off-black, red, green, gray and a combination of the aforementioned. Slate flooring is very popular among homeowners because it is affordable and known to last for a long period of time, making it a wise long term investment. This type of flooring is also very comfortable to walk on.

Please contact us today if you’re considering installing stone flooring in Silver Spring, MD or a nearby area!

Tips on Removing Scratches from Hardwood Flooring

If you have hardwood flooring, you may be living with pesky scratches that really prevent your floor from looking its very best. Elegant Floor Services has specialized in installing hardwood flooring for its customers since 1987 and knows what it takes to address this problem. Let’s take a look at the steps you can follow to remove light scratches from your hardwood flooring.

If your hardwood flooring has light scratches, you may be able to remove them on your own. You should first dry mop the scratched area of the hardwood floor with a dust mop. You can then proceed to lightly rub fine steel wool over the scratch. After this, you should lightly sand the surrounding surface to camouflage the repair. It is very important that you remember to run in the direction of the wood grain. You can now dampen a soft rag with mineral spirits and use it to wipe the scratched area in order to remove sandpaper grit and particles. Finally, use a paper towel to apply paste wax over the scratch and surrounding area. You should use a soft cloth to buff the floor using circular motions.

Of course, if you have deep scratches, you may need the assistance of a professional. If you want to remove deep scratches from your hardwood flooring in Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia, contact us today!

How Can I Clean And Maintain my Hardwood Flooring?

If you’ve installed hardwood flooring, you need to know how to best clean and maintain your floor if you want it to last. Elegant Floor Services has been installing hardwood flooring for customers in Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia since 1987, and knows what it takes to clean and maintain this type of flooring. Allow us to explain the DOs and DON’Ts of cleaning and maintaining your hardwood flooring.


•    Always wipe spills immediately to prevent damage to your hardwood flooring.

•    Vacuum, sweep or dust mop your floor at least once a week. You may need to clean more often if you have hardwood flooring in spaces that have a large amount of traffic.

•    Use interior and exterior doormats at entrances that can collect dirt and moisture so they don’t get tracked onto the floor.

•    Keep animal nails trimmed to prevent floor scratches.

•    Avoid rolling heavy appliances and furniture on the floor in order to prevent surface damage.

•    Remember to protect your floor from direct sunlight.


•    Never let water stand on your hardwood floor for any period of time. You should clean water spills immediately.

•    Never use any of the following types of products on your hardwood flooring: ammonia-based cleansers, acrylic finishes, wax-based products, detergents, bleach, polishes, abrasive cleaning products or acidic items such as lemon juice or vinegar.

•    Never walk on your hardwood flooring wearing poorly maintain shoes that has any sharp object protruding from it.

•    Never use vacuums with beaten bars or hard heads to clean your hardwood floor.

If you need help cleaning or maintaining your hardwood flooring, contact us today! We’ll transform your hardwood floor into something you’ll want to show off once again when you have guests in your home!