Tips on Removing Scratches from Hardwood Flooring

If you have hardwood flooring, you may be living with pesky scratches that really prevent your floor from looking its very best. Elegant Floor Services has specialized in installing hardwood flooring for its customers since 1987 and knows what it takes to address this problem. Let’s take a look at the steps you can follow to remove light scratches from your hardwood flooring.

If your hardwood flooring has light scratches, you may be able to remove them on your own. You should first dry mop the scratched area of the hardwood floor with a dust mop. You can then proceed to lightly rub fine steel wool over the scratch. After this, you should lightly sand the surrounding surface to camouflage the repair. It is very important that you remember to run in the direction of the wood grain. You can now dampen a soft rag with mineral spirits and use it to wipe the scratched area in order to remove sandpaper grit and particles. Finally, use a paper towel to apply paste wax over the scratch and surrounding area. You should use a soft cloth to buff the floor using circular motions.

Of course, if you have deep scratches, you may need the assistance of a professional. If you want to remove deep scratches from your hardwood flooring in Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia, contact us today!

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