Dark Wood Flooring

When you’re comparing wood flooring options, dark wood flooring can be an excellent choice that adds luxury to both modern and traditional room designs. With its elegant style, dark wood floors create one-of-a-kind depth and richness perfect for a sophisticated home. Though they tend to require more sweeping or vacuuming than their lighter counterparts, dark wood floors have the ability to transform the look and feel of your home—making them well worth the extra effort.

Keep reading to learn more or contact Elegant Floor Service to install dark wood flooring in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia.

Benefits of Dark Wood Flooring

There are many benefits to having dark hardwood floors. Dark wood flooring:

  • Has a luxurious style
  • Can enhance the grain of your wood
  • Can hide dirt well
  • Resists fading

At the same time, it’s also important to note that dark wood floors can often make dust, pet hair, or scratches more visible. Low gloss levels or a satin finish can counteract this effect, hiding any wear and tear and helping your floors absorb any light in the room. Higher gloss levels, on the other hand, can reflect light—making any dust more noticeable and regular maintenance necessary.

As you choose the type of dark wood flooring you like, keep in mind that a naturally dark species will work much better than a light colored wood stained dark—especially because many types of wood do not accept staining well. You may also want to install dark wood flooring in rooms that have light colored furniture or walls, as the contrast can add to the visual appeal of the material and enhance the overall design of the room.

Types of Dark Wood Flooring

It seems as though there are endless wood flooring options when it comes to dark wood floors. Some popular varieties include:

Though some of these materials also come in lighter tones, the dark wood varieties tend to be especially popular. As you examine these different styles, remember to consider the durability and thickness of each material as well. Our experienced flooring experts can help you with the selection process and provide recommendations based on your style, functionality, maintenance, and budget requirements.

Installing Dark Wood Floors in Washington, DC, Maryland, & Virginia

Once you’ve decided to add dark wood floors to your home, it’s time to find a wood flooring company in the DC area that can expertly install or refinish your floors accordingly. Elegant Floor Service can help! If you’re looking for dark wood flooring in Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia, we can guide you through all aspects of the selection and installation process—and even continue to provide wood floor restoration as your floors age. Contact us today!

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