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Exotic Wood Flooring: A More Refined Look for Your Home

Are you getting ready to install wood floors in your home?  Do you have old wood flooring you want to replace?  You may want to consider exotic wood floors!  Exotic wood flooring has a number of advantages that make it a great choice for any style of home – or office!  If you’re in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area, call Elegant Floor Service for exotic wood floor installation and transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary.

More on Exotic Wood Floors

Are you looking for wood floors that are a little more interesting and can add a unique look to any room? Exotic wood flooring may be exactly what you need.  Strong and hardy, exotic wood woods – mostly from South America, Africa and Asia – have become a popular flooring option in both homes and offices across the U.S.

Ranging in colors from dark red and deep orange to beautiful shades of brown, exotic wood is not only attractive but versatile as well – each exotic wood has specific characteristics that make it suitable for all particular types of environments (for example, Brazilian Cherry is one of the hardest types of woods in the world, making it highly resistant to denting).

Types of exotic hardwood – you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to exotic wood flooring!  Brazilian Cherry (a very popular choice), Australian Cypress, African Blackwood, Dominican Mahogany and White Limba are just a few.

Exotic Wood Flooring n Washington Metropolitan Area

Benefits of Exotic Wood Flooring

The benefits of exotic hardwood flooring are numerous and include:

•    Durability – many exotic wood floors are extremely durable, some lasting up to 100 years!  The color lasts for a long time, remaining as beautiful as it was the day you installed the floors.

•    Little maintenance – certain types of exotic wood flooring can look great for years without much maintenance.  All that is required is a little vacuuming and rubdown with a professional recommended cleaning solution – there is no special care.

•    Comfort – exotic wood flooring is warmer on the feet since it’s a natural insulator – some floors, like laminate, tend to be cold on the feet.  Exotic wood flooring is perfect for those who hate walking around bare foot on cold floors on chilly winter mornings!

•    Value – due to its durability and visual appeal, exotic wood flooring can add value to your home, so if you’re thinking about selling your house sometime down the road, installing exotic hardwood floors can be beneficial.

When it comes to maintenance and care for your exotic wood floors, there is not whole a lot required, and cleaning tips are basically the same as for cleaning domestic wood floors.  Important ones include:

•    Never wax floors with a urethane finish

•    Never use ammonia, dust cleaners or other floor cleaners – only use the cleaning product recommended by the flooring company that installed your floors

•    Avoid spills as much as you possibly can – hardwood floors don’t handle moisture as well as stone floors

Whether installed in a sophisticated, elegant living room, a cozy, intimate kitchen or an inviting and beautiful foyer, exotic wood flooring can add distinction to any room and achieve the effect you want.  If you want exotic wood floors in your home or office in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area, contact Elegant Floor Service today!


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