Squeaky Hardwood Floors

Squeaky hardwood floors can annoy you to no end. It can leave you embarrassed to show guests through your home and serve as the last straw on a bad day. But even more than the annoyance, it can also cause you to wonder if there’s a bigger problem with the hardwood floors you’ve invested so much in. Will the squeaking get worst? Do you have a deeper problem affecting the flooring you once took pride in?

Why Hardwood Floors Squeak

If your hardwood floors squeak, it could be a result of a number of issues that include:

  • Defects in the wood
  • Poor workmanship
  • Improperly fastened flooring
  • Normal humidity changes due to seasonality

An excessively dry winter, just like an excessively humid summer, can cause your floor boards to swell and rub together, leading to those annoying squeaks that detract from the look of your floors. And when your floors aren’t properly installed or your flooring contractor installed a defective type of wood, it can become even more susceptible to expanding or contracting during changes in indoor moisture levels and humidity.

How to Fix Squeaking Hardwood Floors

The following methods are common for fixing squeaky hardwood floors:

  • Lubricating the squeaky floor boards
  • Inserting glazier points between boards
  • Driving finishing nails into the subfloor
  • Applying adhesive where the joist meets the subfloor
  • Applying liquid wax between boards for flooring with a wax coat

Other techniques may be used as well depending on the source of the squeaks—whether they are coming from the floor boards themselves or the subfloor. As a preventative measure to ensure this doesn’t happen again, you’ll ideally want to maintain consistent humidity levels with a home humidifier.

Schedule Squeaky Hardwood Floor Repair in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

If you need to schedule squeaky hardwood floor repair in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC, look to Elegant Floor Service. Our flooring specialists have extensive knowledge of hardwood floor repairs small and large, making us an easy choice for wood floor clients from Silver Spring to Alexandria and all throughout the area. No matter how severe your issues may be, we’ll do everything we can to find you the best solution. After all, we’re up for any challenge!

Call today to schedule squeaky hardwood floor repair for your home and take pride in your wood floors again!

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