FAQs about Grout

Grout is an essential part of your home. If you take a minute to think about it, can you name all the places in your home that have grout? There are probably so many that you can’t! Learn more about this important substance from Elegant Floor Service and you’ll see just how much you depend on grout in your everyday life – probably without even knowing it!

What is grout?

If you don’t do a lot of home improvement projects on your own, you might be wondering, what is grout? Grout is a mixture of cement, sand and water, sometimes with fine gravel added. When applied, grout is a thick but moldable paste. It hardens over time into a solid, yet flexible material.

What is the purpose of grout?

So why do you need grout? Grout is used as filler between items such as tiles. It keeps out water that could damage your tiles (and possibly even the wall behind them) and also helps hold everything in place.

How is grout installed?

Grout is installed with the use of a grout float, which your grout installer will use to mold and flatten the grout into the proper shape. Once the grout has dried into the correction position, a sealer is added over it to keep out liquids and other potentially damaging substances.

Where is grout used?

Grout is used all over your home; in fact, you are probably in a room with grout right now! You might find grout in your:

• Shower

• Bathroom

• Kitchen

• Floors

• And more!

The applications for grout in your home are endless! Though probably most visible in bathrooms, grout is used in many other rooms you may not expect.

How often should I have grout cleaning?

In order to maintain your grout so it can continue to help make your home beautiful for years to come, you need have regular grout cleaning. Grout cleaning can also help prevent the need for major grout repair down the road. A grout cleaning company can come into your home and effectively clean your grout so it looks brand new. Since most grout is white, it shows stains very easily. Grout cleaning will make your home look well-maintained and attractive to visitors.

When do I need grout repair?

Like most things, grout doesn’t last forever. Regular grout cleaning can help extend its life, but grout repair is inevitable at some point in the future. If your grout is discolored, cracked or missing, consider grout repair. These are all indications your grout is not fully protecting your tiles and walls anymore. During the grout repair process, a technician will use tools to remove all your old grout without damaging your tiles and install new grout that looks seamless with your existing tile. Your new grout will look great and protect your home from damage!

Grout Cleaning & Repair from Elegant Floor Service

If you need grout cleaning or repair in the Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC area, contact Elegant Floor Service. Our expert technicians are here to help you get the most out of your grout so your home stays protected. We can make your grout look brand new with our grout cleaning service, or replace your old grout without damaging your tile with our grout repair service. Contact us to learn more about grout today!

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