Guide on Choosing Hardwood Floor Finishes

Hardwood floors are recognized for their beauty, elegance, and practicality, transforming ordinary rooms into sophisticated ones time and time again. But in order to retain their sleek, beautiful look, it’s important to have wood floor finishing done, a process that works to seal up your floors and prevent stains and excess dirt. With the right finishes, your hardwood floors will keep their rich color and sheen for years to come—and you can have wood floor refinishing done as they age to keep their brand new look!

But what is the best finish for your floors? Read our tips to find out or call us to schedule a personalized consultation in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC!

Types of Hardwood Floor Finishes

When you’re choosing hardwood floor finishes for your home, consider your preferences for color, shine, and durability, as well as the type of flooring you have (or are installing). Popular types of hardwood floor finishes include:

  • Water-based finishes are clear and known for being very durable, as well as having a fast dry time.
  • Oil-based finishes are the most popular type, recognized for their amber color. They have a moderate odor when they’re first applied, but they’re very durable and are available in different sheens.
  • Moisture-cured finishes also appear amber and are known to have a strong odor when applied. However, they also tend to resist moisture more than other surface finishes and retain the durable quality of the hardwood floor finishes mentioned above. This is most common in commercial settings.
  • Acid-cured finishes are slightly amber in color and also have a strong odor when applied, but they are known for their durability.

When you’re choosing finishes for your wood floor finishing or refinishing project, it’s also important to consider the sheen options. High-gloss hardwood floor finishes can be stylish, but be aware that they tend to reflect light and make scratches and marks more apparent than low-gloss or satin options. Satin finishes, on the other hand, are more traditional in residential settings.

Hardwood Floor Finishing & Refinishing in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

Do you need help choosing the best hardwood floor finishes for your home? Whether you already have an idea of what you want or need the help of an experienced flooring specialist to get started, Elegant Floor Service can provide you with the assistance you need. Serving homeowners in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, we help all types of clients accomplish their goals for the perfect flooring with our wood floor refinishing, installation, and maintenance services. Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

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