Marble or Granite: What’s Better for Your Home?

Choosing marble or granite for your floors is a big decision – both come with benefits and drawbacks, but which one is right for you? Either marble or granite flooring can add a lot to your home, giving it visual interest and adding beauty. But of course, marble and granite are very different flooring options so it is important to consider what will work best in your home.

So how do you choose which is right for you? If you are deciding whether to install marble or granite floors in your home, learn all you need to know to make an educated choice about which will be best for you here! Elegant Floor Service is the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area’s stone flooring experts, and we can make sure the right type of flooring is installed in your home!

Marble Flooring in Washington Metropolitan Area

Benefits of Marble Flooring

When deciding to install marble or granite flooring, looking at the benefits of both can be very helpful. Marble flooring has a few benefits that granite can’t match. Marble offers:

• More color options – you can choose a marble flooring color that fits with your existing décor

• Increased elegance – marble makes your home look more sophisticated

Marble is great for complementing your décor while giving your home an elegant, high-end look.

Benefits of Granite Flooring

Of course, granite has some great benefits too! While it doesn’t come in as many color varieties as marble, granite offers:

• Greater strength and durability – granite is a very hard, durable stone and therefore, is less prone to damage

• Scratch resistance – you won’t have to worry as much about scratching your floors

If you’re looking for a stone flooring material that will withstand heavy foot traffic, granite is a great choice.

Marble or Granite: Maintenance

Maintenance is also an important factor when choosing marble or granite. It is important to keep your marble or granite flooring clean and free of dirt and debris that can scratch the surface. Regular cleaning and polishing by a professional is recommended to keep your marble or granite floors looking new – regular maintenance can lengthen the lifespan of your flooring, as well.

Quick tip: you should be careful when choosing products to clean your marble or granite floors with, as they can be damaged by abrasive cleaners. Marble, in particular, is very sensitive to acidic substances. It is best to rely on an experienced flooring cleaning company to clean your marble or granite floors.

Keep Your Marble or Granite Looking Great with Elegant Floor Service

Once you decide whether marble or granite is better for your home, give us a call to keep your floors looking great. We can clean, polish and seal your marble or granite floors as well as repair any damaged grout. Even if you have a stain on your marble or granite floors you are convinced will never come out, let us give it a try! We can make your marble or granite look like new again! If you’re located in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area, contact us to get your marble or granite floor looking great today!

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