Restoring Hardwood Floors

Have your hardwood floors lost their shine? If your floors are looking dull, it may be time to consider hardwood floor restoration—which can rejuvenate your floors and help protect them from future damage. But sometimes it can be difficult to decide if you need restoration, repairs, refinishing, or a replacement. We’ve outlined some tips that can help you determine the best times for hardwood floor restoration so you can keep your floors in good condition for as long as possible.

How to Keep Your Hardwood Floors Clean

In order to save you money and avoid more complex hardwood floor repairs in the future, it’s important to keep your hardwood floors clean. This way, you will only need to restore hardwood floors when it’s necessary—and you should be able to avoid getting a replacement or intricate repairs. Here are some tips that can help you keep your hardwood floors clean:

  • Avoid wearing shoes on  your hardwood floors
  • Vacuum your floors regularly to remove dirt and dust
  • Use a vinegar mix to mop your floors

If you keep your hardwood floors clean, it can reveal any scratches, stains, or discoloration you may have. Just make sure to regularly check for any of these issues so that you can have your floors restored before there’s any further damage.

When to Restore Hardwood Flooring

If you’ve had your floors for a long time, they’ve probably been through some wear and tear. But do they just need to be cleaned or do you need hardwood floor restoration? If your floors have minor surface scratches, they probably just need to be cleaned and polished—but if your problems are more significant you may need to restore your hardwood floors.

The first thing you should do to determine the appropriate course of action is assess any existing damage. Look out for the following warning signs that can indicate you need to restore your hardwood floors:

  • Your floor has severe scratches that penetrate the surface
  • Your floor is worn down due to heavy traffic
  • You want to change the color
  • You want to change the sheen

If you notice any of these problems or want to make an aesthetic change, it’s probably necessary to restore your hardwood floors. However, if you have more extensive damage or want to make a drastic change—your floors are heavily worn, can’t be sanded, or you want a completely new flooring species—you probably need to install a new wood floor. A professional hardwood flooring company can help you assess the extent of your damage and provide the best treatment accordingly.

Schedule Hardwood Floor Restoration in MD, DC, or VA

Have you noticed any significant scratches on your floor? If so, it’s important to contact a professional flooring company that’s experienced in restoring hardwood floors and will use the best techniques and equipment in the market to treat your home. Elegant Floor Service can help! Call us today for hardwood floor restoration in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Virginia and bring the shine back to your floors.

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