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Can You Sand and Refinish Engineered Hardwood?

Are your current hardwood floors looking a little dull? If they’ve seen some better days, then it’s probably time to give them some needed TLC! Whether your engineered floors are chipped, stained, warped, or scratched, you can rely on a quality sanding and refinishing job to fix them up. So can engineered floors be refinished? Absolutely! The question is…just how many times? The basic idea here is, the thicker the layer, the more times your floors can be refinished. If you are considering adding new engineered floors to your home, our specialists suggest choosing a thicker material so your floors can be sanded and refinished to add years to their lifespan.

Ready to learn more about engineered hardwood services in the Maryland, Virginia, and DC area? Contact us today to schedule your sanding, refinishing, or installation with the team at Elegant Floor Service.  

When Should You Refinish Your Engineered Hardwood Floors?

How can you tell when it’s time to give your floors a facelift? Most homeowners opt for sanding and refinishing when their floors begin to look dull.

Other signs that you may need to refinish include:

  • Deep scratches that cut through to the floor’s protective coating
  • Stubborn stains
  • Warping that exposes wood fibers

Have you noticed scratches, stains, or warping on your engineered hardwood floors? Elegant Floor Service provides reliable sanding and refinishing for homes and businesses throughout the DMV area.

Engineered Hardwood Refinishing in the DMV Area

Don’t let those beautiful hardwood floors continue to scratch and fade! Update the look and feel of your Maryland, Virginia, or DC property with professional flooring service from our best. Because your engineered floors are an expensive part of your home, you won’t want to turn this into a DIY project. If you attempt to sand or refinish your hardwoods without professional help, you may end up damaging your floors and spending extra on costly repairs.

To provide a flooring solution for each engineered hardwood, we conveniently offer the following services:

Schedule Engineered Wood Floor Refinishing in NoVA

Give your home a newer look by choosing Elegant Floor Service for your hardwood floor refinishing project for your home or commercial property. Whether you need scratches, scruffs, stains, or splinters, removed, our team of professionals can help you bring your flooring back to life.

Since 1987, our team of experts have been providing quality wood floor service. Give us a call today at 800-417-3172 to or contact us online to receive your estimate and see why so many Northern Virginia residents choose our experts to handle all of their flooring needs.

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