Stone Floor Care: A Little Shine Goes a Long Way

If you want to transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary, have you considered stone flooring?  If you already have stone floors, you know how beautiful they can be – with the proper care.  Do your stone floors look dull and need to be restored and cleaned? You’ll be amazed at the difference polished and restored stone flooring makes!

For the best maintenance services for your stone flooring, call the experts at Elegant Floor Service for professional stone floor cleaning, polishing and restoration services in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area.


Quality Stone Floor Care

While many people realize they need to occasionally refinish their hardwood flooring, they aren’t aware of the need to similarly maintain and restore their stone flooring.  But a little shine can go a long way in making your stone flooring more attractive and giving it that glossy, brand new appearance!  And nothing accentuates a room or office better than beautiful stone flooring – especially if you receive quality stone floor care from true flooring professionals.

Stone Floor Care in Your Office

If your office building has stone flooring that has lost its luster and needs to be spruced up, take advantage of our stone flooring maintenance services!  We have seen a variety of flooring material in offices throughout the area, including granite, marble, terrazzo and other natural stone – whatever material your stone floors are made of, we’ve cleaned it before and can help brighten up your office as well.

Stone Floor Care in Your Home

When it comes to stone floors for homes, we’ve seen and cleaned ‘em all!  No matter what type of stone flooring you have in your home – limestone, terrazzo, granite, etc. – it needs professional cleaning and maintenance.  This includes anything from polishing and sealing to restoration and grout repair.    

Stone floor restoration – sometimes your stone floors simply need to be restored, just like hardwood floors need to be refinished.  Our expert stone flooring cleaners grind or peel away the top surface to expose the pristine “virgin” layer underneath and restore the flooring to its original finish.

Stone floor cleaning, polishing & sealing – you may be surprised how different clean floors can make the room look!  We use diamond abrasives and polishing compounds to restore that shine, and in no time at all, your stone flooring will look brand new again!  Sealing is also an important step in cleaning – and contrary to popular belief, it won’t make your floor more slippery or change the color in any way.  Sealing your floors prevent stains and enhance the beauty of your flooring.  Sealing and polishing to restore high luster is an especially good maintenance practice for marble flooring.

Stone floor grout repair & cleaning – sometimes all your stone floor really needs to look beautiful and new again is grout repair and touch-up!  Grout lines are carefully cleaned (any dirt or discoloration is removed) using proper brushes and cleaning agents by our expert stone floor maintenance professionals.

Whether you opt for marble, granite, terrazzo or some other type of natural stone flooring, just remember that it needs to be maintained – just like a hardwood floor needs to be maintained.  Cleaning, sealing and restoration from professional floor cleaners can make all the difference in the world and get your stone floors looking brand new in no time.  For any stone flooring maintenance needs you may have for your home or office in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area, call the pros at Elegant Floor Service today!


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