FAQs about Terrazzo Flooring

What is terrazzo?

Terrazzo is a type of flooring made from a mixture of glass, marble, granite, quartz and other hard substances. This mixture is then added to cement or epoxy and polished once it is poured. The polishing produces the smooth, beautiful terrazzo surface that graces many homes and business lobbies. Terrazzo is very durable and relatively low maintenance. Elegant Floor Service can help you keep your Maryland, Washington, DC or Virginia terrazzo floors in excellent condition with our terrazzo cleaning and repair services.

What is the history of terrazzo?

Terrazzo came into common use in 15th century Italy as an inexpensive floor option. Workers would use the small pieces of excess marble from expensive building jobs to create terrazzo. It was one of the first recycled products as it reuses discarded pieces for material. Older terrazzo was mixed with cement, but most modern terrazzo is made with epoxy as it offers more color options.

What are the benefits of terrazzo floors?

Made from recycled material, terrazzo is not only environmentally friendly, but it also produces zero harmful chemicals. Making a terrazzo floor doesn’t release any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere because the material is all natural, so it is one of the “greenest” floors available for your home.

Since terrazzo is stone, it is naturally bacteria-resistant. So terrazzo is not only healthy for the environment – but also for you and your family!

Terrazzo can be installed inside or outside your home. It is water-resistant so it is great for bathrooms and kitchens. It is also very durable so it works well for entryways, patios and other high-traffic areas. No matter where your terrazzo is in your home, Elegant Floor Service will make it shine like new!

One of its biggest benefits is no two terrazzo floors are alike – so your floors will look like none other in the world! With such unique floors, why not keep them clean and in great condition so you can show your terrazzo off to your friends? Terrazzo cleaning and repair from Elegant Floor Service will get your terrazzo ready for the spotlight!

How do you clean terrazzo?

To keep your terrazzo floors looking their best, they should be regularly cleaned. But it is important they are cleaned properly, otherwise the terrazzo will get damaged. Regular household cleaners can hurt your terrazzo. To keep your floors looking brand new, it is important to schedule a regular cleaning with a professional floor cleaning company like Elegant Floor Service. We will use specialized equipment to clean your floors by removing grime and old wax to bring back the original shine of your terrazzo. We also use polishing materials with diamond abrasives to restore a brand new look to your terrazzo. To make your floors look exactly how you want them, we offer high- or low-sheen polishing services. Terrazzo cleaning will make your floors the envy of all your visitors!

You should also maintain your terrazzo in between regular professional cleanings. Dirt and debris can scratch your terrazzo so be sure to sweep or vacuum your floor daily. You should also wipe up any spills as quickly as possible. The longer a spill stays on the terrazzo, the more likely it will stain. Keeping the surface of your terrazzo free of dirt and spills is the best way to main your floors on a daily basis.

How do you repair damaged terrazzo?

During a routine cleaning, Elegant Floor Service will also check for any damage in your terrazzo and recommend repairs if necessary. Scratches and cracks are eliminated and old grout is replaced during repair. We also apply a sealant to your terrazzo to prevent future damage. With our terrazzo repair services, your floors will look new again!

Elegant Floor Service also provides a grout repair service for your terrazzo. Grout cleaning should always be done by a professional because you need to be careful not to damage the floor when cleaning or repairing grout. We will remove all stains and dirt from the grout around your terrazzo and reseal it to protect it from further damage. Your terrazzo can’t look perfect unless your grout does too! With Elegant Floor Service’s terrazzo floor repair and cleaning, your terrazzo and the area around it will look its best!

Contact our terrazzo floor company today to learn more about Elegant Floor Service’s terrazzo cleaning and repair and bring your terrazzo to its true potential!

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