When to Replace Hardwood Floors

Scratches, marks, and even fading in color, can often be fixed with a wood floor refinishing project. But your floors can only be refinished so many times before a replacement becomes necessary. And if your damage is too severe in the first place, refinishing may not even be an option to begin with.

Some signs that can indicate when to replace hardwood floors include:

You have water damaged flooring.

If you’re wondering when to replace hardwood floors, water damage can be a critical indicator. Of course, this depends on how severe the damage, but if your planks begin to buckle, peel, or crack, it’s evident that it’s time for a replacement.

You’ve completed multiple refinishing jobs.

We mentioned this already, but it’s worth repeating. Hardwood floors can only handle so many refinishing jobs before the process stops working and the quality of the wood becomes compromised. We’d typically limit this at five, but the number can vary based on the quality of previous refinishing jobs and the type of hardwood you have.

Your subfloor is damaged.

Once your subfloor starts to show signs of damage, refinishing is no longer the most cost effective option, and it becomes less effective in restoring the original look to the flooring. This is especially true if the planks have wide gaps between them, as refinishing techniques will not work to bridge these openings.

Your flooring is too old.

If you’ve had the same flooring forever, it’s likely begun to decay with age. Hardwood floors this old are not typically salvageable, especially if they are soft and bouncy. In this case, a replacement is really the only option.

The Benefits of Replacing Hardwood Floors

While it may seem like refinishing would be simpler, this isn’t always the case. Replacing hardwood floors can:

  • Take less time than refinishing
  • Be neater and cleaner
  • Allow you to make changes in design, direction, or even wood species
  • And more!

Replacing Hardwood Floors in Maryland, Virginia & Washington, DC

If you’ve noticed any of the above issues with your hardwood flooring and think you could benefit from a replacement, Elegant Floor Service can help. We have been replacing hardwood floors for homes in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC since 1987 and have established a reputation for reliable, professional service. Our technicians can come out to your home to help you determine when to replace hardwood floors through a detailed assessment of your space—and we can even bring samples with us so you can begin the selection process right away! Contact us to get started today at 800-417-3172.

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