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Why Are My Hardwood Floors Splitting?

If you’ve noticed splits in your hardwood floors, you’re probably a little distressed—especially if your floors are on the new side. And, unfortunately, that’s when hardwood floor splitting, also known as checking, is most likely to occur.

The question is why? And is wood floor restoration possible or is it too late? Hardwood floor splitting occurs because of excess moisture or humidity—but it can be linked to a number of different problems. We’ve outlined the common causes below so keep reading if you want to learn more or give us a call to get started on wood floor repairs in Maryland, Washington, DC, or Virginia!

Improper Conditions at Installation

It’s very possible that your problems began at the very beginning—with the installation. More specifically, you could be experiencing hardwood floor splitting because:

  • The wood was installed in an uncontrolled environment—meaning it was outside the 35 – 55 percent relative humidity (RH) range that’s used throughout the industry.
  • The wood wasn’t acclimated properly before installation. Your floorboards were either too wet or too dry when they were installed.

Splitting Hardwood Floors in Washington Metropolitan Area

The Humidity Levels Changed

Alternatively, your wood floors were installed in entirely proper conditions, but the RH has since changed. On one end of the spectrum, it’s possible that the moisture content was acceptable during installation and then excessively dry conditions during winter altered it. On the other end, it’s possible that the moisture accumulated during excessively humid summer months, again leading to cracks.

A Damp Crawlspace Is Under Your Flooring

If you have a very damp crawlspace, the moisture can seep through the subfloor. This can cause your floors to take on the moisture and then release it into the room, resulting in hardwood floor splitting. You can easily check for this issue by inspecting your crawlspace for signs of moisture or even mold.

Repairing Split Wood in Maryland, Washington, DC & Virginia

It’s important to note that though hardwood floor splitting occurs due to drying stresses, cracks like these can only form if your floors were installed in an environment that exceeds normal interior humidity ranges. Splitting can easily be prevented so long as you choose an experienced flooring contractor who understands the proper conditions needed for installation.

So if you think your floors are beyond repair and you’re ready for a replacement, be sure to do your research and choose a contractor with skill and experience. At Elegant Floor Service, we can help you install new hardwood floors to replace extremely large cracks or repair splitting hardwood floors with smaller ones—whatever your needs may be, we’ve got you covered.

Call our Silver Spring flooring company today and we’ll do everything we can to get your floors in the best shape possible!

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