Why Is My Wood Floor Buckling?

Your hardwood floors were an investment, no question. A beautiful, unique, and totally worthwhile investment, but an investment all the same. So it stands to reason that when your flooring develops what we call buckling, or any other obvious signs of damage and disrepair, you can get quite frustrated. Finding your best solution can seem difficult, stressful, and not a small amount overwhelming. But don’t panic!

Wood Floor Buckling in the Washington Metropolitan Area

The flooring experts at Elegant Floor Service can provide the professional floor repair you need. In fact, we can guarantee a perfect solution every time. But what exactly caused that buckling floor in the first place? And can it be avoided? Answers to these questions and more follow!

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What Causes Buckling?

Buckling is a particularly extreme-case situation with wood flooring caused by extensive exposure to moisture. The damage is characterized by your wood planks literally separating from the sub floor, lifting and shifting in sporadic places across the room, or in a small area. This problem is most commonly caused by:

  • Flooding
  • Water left on hardwood for extended periods of time
  • Excessively high home humidity levels
  • Damp basements or crawlspaces
  • Hidden water damage in walls and along ceilings

Again, buckling of wood floors is a rather extreme result of extended exposure to moisture. More commonly, a homeowner would recognize crowning or cupping first. These are concavity or convexity in flooring, domes or slopes respectively. Buckling occurs further down the line, when damage has progressed.

The Importance of a Timely Response

When talking about wood flooring, time is absolutely key. If any of these problems are caught early enough, your floor can need a simple repair to get back into shape. Though you should keep in mind that the moisture that caused the problem in the first place needs to be dealt with.

Because of how time sensitive the issue is, your best bet will always be seeking professional assistance. We carry all of the skill and experience needed to diagnose and repair your wood floors, and if Elegant Floor Service is contacted soon enough, you may have little more than a quick repair on your hands. Wait longer, and you risk some serious work—potentially even a total replacement.

Superior Wood Floor Repair in Maryland, DC, and Virginia

If you spot the signs of a bucking, cupping, or crowning floor, be sure to contact our team today! We offer comprehensive, full-service floor repair that is guaranteed to exceed expectations, and restoring your floor to its former glory is our top priority!

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