Hardwood Floor Trends of 2014-15

As the fall season hits, many are looking for ways to update their homes—and installing new floors is on homeowners’ minds all over the Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia metro area. North American hardwood floor retailer, Lumber Liquidators, has released its list of top hardwood floor trends in response to the growing demand, and we’ve rounded up their top predictions so you can get all the latest in industry developments in one place.

Matte Finish

Matte finishes have been popular in Europe for years, but the low-gloss hardwood floor trend is beginning to spread locally as homeowners seek low-maintenance flooring options for their homes. This type of finish can easily hide minor scratches, dirt, dust, and pet fur and is known to create a warm and inviting look.

Gray Tones

Wood floors in tones of gray have become especially popular in 2014 and, as far as hardwood floor trends go, are only expected to continue gaining popularity in the upcoming year. Homeowners are choosing from a wide range of gray hues from darker selections to softer, more neutral ones.

Exotic Hardwoods

Installing exotic hardwoods, like Bamboo and Brazilian Walnut, is becoming trendier as homeowners seek more contemporary design options and environmentally friendly materials.

Bold Looks

More and more, homeowners are looking to make bold statements with their hardwood floors. The flooring specialists at Elegant Floor Service can help you choose the right species and color to help you accomplish this look, with an emphasis on a defining grain.

Classic Styles

Just as bolder, more contemporary looks are gaining in popularity, so are classic, traditional wood floor styles. Those looking for a warmer, more inviting style are opting for hardwood floor species like rustic shades of Oak for a timeless and cozy look.

Implementing Your Favorite Wood Floor Trends into Your Home

If you live in the Maryland, Northern Virginia, or Washington, DC area and are interested in implementing your favorite hardwood floor trends into your home, let us help. As your local hardwood floor contractors in Silver Spring, MD, we offer a fully comprehensive wood floor installation and replacement service and can help you renovate your home with the looks you love. Our sales team is extremely knowledgeable and can even bring you samples to help you the find the best fit to accomplish your goals—whether you want to create a bold statement or are looking for the right gray tone for your home.

Get started on your project today! Contact us to request your FREE estimate or to learn more about the wood floor trends you can expect to see in 2015.

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