How To Avoid Common Problems With Hardwood Floors

Hardwood is the number one flooring choice among homeowners, selected for its beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance. With regards to investment potential, quality, professionally installed hardwood flooring has greater resale value than any other type, instantly raising your home’s worth. As with any other type of floor covering however, you may encounter some common problems from time to time, though most are easy to avoid.

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Common Problems With Wood Flooring


The only noise you should hear when you walk across your hardwood floor, is footsteps—anything else, such as creaks or squeaks, commands attention. Squeaky floors can happen in a home of any age, any time, due to the following:

  • Movement in the subfloor.
  • Material imperfections.
  • Seasonal humidity changes.
  • Poorly fastened flooring.
  • Substandard installation practices.

The cause and source of the squeaking will determine the method of repair, which may involve:

  • Lubrication between the offending boards.
  • Working liquid wax in between the boards (only for floors with a wax coating).
  • Driving glazier points in to the gaps between boards.
  • Hammering finishing nails through to the subfloor.

While these solutions may not appeal to even the most die hard DIY’er, they’re commonplace for a qualified, professional flooring company. Help prevent future squeaks by maintaining a consistent level of humidity in your home, year round.

Inadequate or Improper Maintenance

Avoid wet mopping, or steam cleaning your hardwood floors (daily sweeping and periodic damp mopping is usually all that’s needed), in addition to ruining the finish, the combination of heat and moisture is detrimental to their condition, which brings us to the next point…

Water Damage

Water is the number one enemy of hardwood flooring, and any intentional contact should be avoided. However, spills and accidents happen, so what should you do if your flooring gets wet? Clean spills quickly, and thoroughly, using a wet vacuum for larger jobs. The faster you can get the wood dry, the less damage that will occur. Prolonged or excessive exposure to water warrants a call to a professional, who will have the equipment and resources to remove the moisture and hasten the drying process.


Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause discoloration over time, but is easily preventable by closing the blinds or curtains during the right time of day.

Improper Installation

Poor installation practices can result in a number of issues with your flooring, including:

  • Splitting. Hardwood that is either too wet or too dry at the time of installation, or that is placed in a home where humidity levels are unchecked, may split or crack. Splitting may also occur as a result of seasonal changes, such as an extremely dry winter, or humid summer.
  • Buckling or crowning. This phenomenon occurs when the installer fails to leave inadequate space between the planks to allow for expansion. Over time planks can swell, causing areas of unevenness.

Wood Flooring Repair Throughout Maryland, Virginia, & Washington, DC

These issues can be prevented by hiring a knowledgeable, reputable flooring company, but once the damage has been done, repair or replacement may be your only option. Looking to restore the sleek, polished appearance to your hardwood floors? Have minor scratches or dirt? At Elegant Floor Service, we set the standard for wood floor maintenance with our buffingsandingrefinishingrestoration, and repair services, drawing on years of experience and training to provide a high-quality service throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

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