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Hardwood Floor Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

There is no question that wood floors are a fantastic addition to any home, both for their aesthetic value and return on investment. However, as with any flooring material, you may have concerns from time to time with regards to maintenance, selection, installation, or repair. Here is a list of some of the more frequently […]


Best Methods for Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

We understand that your hardwood floors were an investment—which is why they are worth taking care of. If you want your wood floors to last a lifetime, you need to perform routine maintenance! With your busy schedule, everyday cleaning can become tough—but don’t let maintenance get pushed to the backburner! Lucky for you, you can […]


Why Is My Wood Floor Buckling?

Your hardwood floors were an investment, no question. A beautiful, unique, and totally worthwhile investment, but an investment all the same. So it stands to reason that when your flooring develops what we call buckling, or any other obvious signs of damage and disrepair, you can get quite frustrated. Finding your best solution can seem […]


Why Do My Hardwood Floors Look Cloudy?

The hardwood floors in your Maryland home are a true treasure. Lustrous, timeless, and absolutely gorgeous, many homeowners are proud of their flooring. But what do you do when your floors lose their shine, instead developing a dull, milky residue that seems to resist your every effort at banishing it? Trust our experienced specialists to […]


Maple vs. Oak Hardwood Flooring

While the decision to install, replace or upgrade hardwood flooring in your home is an easy one, choosing which type is another matter. With so many options on the market today, picking the perfect wood floor may seem like a daunting task, involving over 50 species, and a myriad of types and finishes, but narrowing […]


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